Tune in to Harry Hill's TV burp this Saturday night to see the K-factor. ITV are running a competition for the best and possibly quirkiest knitted characters they can find. So it's up to us to find something exciting that we can make together and send a photo of by 4th March. I'm thinking Jedward? (Except we'll have to make 2 and that could take longer!)

   Either send your ideas and let me know if your interested by email to emily@knit-ting.co.uk. Or join me on Ravelry - I have a Knit 'Ting group where we can start disucssion threads. Much easier to have conversations that way. I'm not sure if you have to be a member to follow that link, so if not just sign up to www.ravelry.com and search for Knit 'Ting in the groups.

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