The group grows ever bigger...last week we had another 3 new members join: Lilia, her mother-in-law, and Heidi. With more and more people asking me about it, I'm thinking I might have to get into the Empress early to reserve some tables for next time!

Having struggled with making an Intarsia wolf's head on the GPS holder I was designing, and after much unraveling, I have finally realised that I was doing Fair Isle instead of Intarsia by mistake. OOPS! Still learning. See the featured video of the week for how to knit Intarsia - it's a bit fiddly with lots of balls of wool! Sorry Pauline - I showed you the wrong method!
Well, last week's Knit 'Ting was a great success, with boyfriends, husbands and even dogs coming along for the action. I'm thrilled that the group is becoming a social event and a place to meet people as much as a place to learn how to knit and solve pattern problems!
The first Knit 'Ting will take place on Thursday 10th September at 7:30pm at the Empress pub. All are welcome. See you there!