As many of you know, part of the attraction of the Empress has been to see their 'miniature' pigs. Some people have begun to realise that they haven't been making appearances in the pub anymore. They are, in fact, being kept outside because they are no longer so miniature! As I had no idea that they would grow to monstrous proportions, I began to knit an outfit that might fit the smallest one. Sadly, I soon realised there would be no way any of these porkers would squeeze into my stripey design.

   However, as we have just become proud new owners of a gorgeous little Boston Terrier, I realised to my delight that the jumper would fit him perfectly. Check out the homepage and Projects page to see him sporting it! I think it worked better putting him in when he was half asleep and on the sofa. I have since put him in it during the day and he looked utterly mortified!

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