If you are ever considering doing a fairisle pattern, think again. I have just bought all my Debbie Bliss Fez camel/merino mix wool, ready to make the funkiest hoody in the world, but I'm not sure I have the balls to start it yet, as judging from my swatch, it's going to be wonky, wibbly, and all the wrong size!
     Basically I am trying the impossible, which is to knit with my left hand and right hand simultaneously in 2 different colours, whilst standing on my head and drinking a beer. Well, not quite, but you get the idea. I was so excited about starting it that I couldn't wait to teach myself to knit with just the left hand on its own; if that wasn't enough, I'm finally trying to teach myself how to hold the yarn 'properly', and not like a 'beginner', as my Mum kindly pointed out, . So I've got a new hold on the right, a left hand that is floppy one minute and tight the next, and knitting which looks like it's had the breath squeezed out of it as a result. Maybe just picking up one colour, putting it down, and picking up the next would be easier. But surely I have to move on from the 'beginner' stage some time?

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