As Cambridge was turned into a white wonderland, we continued to furiously knit a variety of christmas presents with only a week to go for the final deadline! On comparison  with his own scarf, Jake was rather dismayed to discover that he'd only knitted a third of his present for his mother - looks like it might have to be a cravatte instead!
   I was amazed at how much more Jo had completed since last week, despite being publicly criticised by her colleague on air about the quality of the knitting. How rude! Keep going, Jo! The one amazing thing about knitting is the more you do, the better you get, and it will never be as bad as the first row you do. You can only get better! On that note, here is the link to the radio interview Jo did with us on BBC radio Cambridgeshire. The Knit Chat starts around 48 mins, with the actual piece with our interview at about 53 mins. Hopefully I'll be able to record it
   Have a lovely Christmas, everyone, and see you on 7th Jan 2010.
We were lucky enough last week to have had Jo from BBC radio Cambridgeshire come to interview our group. Having ga mindlessly into the microphone, I went on to attempting to teach casting on and knitting, whilst describing every minute detail so that it might be comprehensible on radio! After a clicking of needles and an oink of the pig, it was all over. Watch this space to find out when to listen to our Knit 'Ting interview.
Well, over the last couple of weeks we have sat elbow to elbow not only with other knitters, but also with decorations and merry punters. At first I wasn't sure but now I just think it all adds to the fun and frolicks of it!

We are still getting new members every week, which is absolutely super but I'm terrified of the week when we take over the entire pub! I'm sure Dave likes the extra custom, but I'm not convinced he'd like a pub full of knitters! One of our newest members, apart from the pig, who incidentally caused havoc by running off with several balls of wool, is my friend Jake - yes, it's a boy! Hurrah! Lets hope he keeps it up and influences other unsuspecting men around. We could start a revolution!

Anyway, I want a big turn out next week: Thursday 10th December, as we have captured the attention of a woman from BBC Radio Cambridgeshire who came over after the group was finished to ask if she could do an interview. So please come one, come all - all abilities, ages, sexes. Fingers crossed that next week could be fun. Apparently she will contact me on Wednesday to confirm it so we'll just believe it when it happens and until then I'll try not to get too excited!

Keep knitting! Check out my Christmas decorations that Thea sent in, in Links and Resources.