The best thing about knitting is it just makes the chilly winter season so exciting! So while others are grumbling about the cold, I'm going to embrace it with my cashmerino cable-knit mittens! Bring it on, winter, I'm ready for you! Wahooo!

   It's hard to believe it has taken me this long to realise the wonder of knitting garments without sleeves! I always start each new project with a sense of excitement which inevitably diminishes as I move from completing the back to the front; so by the time I reach a sleeve, I have usually started several other projects just because I'm fed up of it by then.
   Not only are sleeveless tops quicker and more satisfying to knit, they are also therefore both cheaper and look pretty good too. Just look at James, the unfortunate would-be winner of the Great British Bake Off - he single-handedly raised the profile of Fairisle tank-tops after just a few episodes!
   We might have overdone Vintage in 2012 , what with the Jubilee an' all, but there's going to be a place in my wardrobe for the humble tanktop for