Well, I think the sheer size of the group last night was enough to win some grins from bemused passers-by. There were some valiant efforts from members to recruit men into the group, but sadly we have yet to achieve this ultimate goal. However, Knit 'Ting is now growing so fast and becoming so successful that I daren't do any more promoting!

Knit 'Ting will now even be running itself without me next week, and the following week will be 5th November, so I'm expecting everyone to be going to the fireworks. Do join me later for a drink at the Empress, though.

Looking forward to seeing most of you for some knitting mayhem again on Thursday 12th November.

PS: Check out this week's featured video -
The group grows ever bigger...last week we had another 3 new members join: Lilia, her mother-in-law, and Heidi. With more and more people asking me about it, I'm thinking I might have to get into the Empress early to reserve some tables for next time!

Having struggled with making an Intarsia wolf's head on the GPS holder I was designing, and after much unraveling, I have finally realised that I was doing Fair Isle instead of Intarsia by mistake. OOPS! Still learning. See the featured video of the week for how to knit Intarsia - it's a bit fiddly with lots of balls of wool! Sorry Pauline - I showed you the wrong method!
Well, last week's Knit 'Ting was a great success, with boyfriends, husbands and even dogs coming along for the action. I'm thrilled that the group is becoming a social event and a place to meet people as much as a place to learn how to knit and solve pattern problems!